Designing Duo: Tom Lee and Sarah Tomerlin Lee

New York School of Interior Design Gallery, New York
September 15, 2022 – December 5, 2022

This exhibition showcases the Lees’ multi-faceted careers and experiences that developed exceptional skills and dynamic perspectives. As influential tastemakers, the Lees promoted a sophisticated blend of traditional and contemporary aesthetics—by turns decorative and minimalist—which Sarah called “romantic modernism.” Underlying their work was a belief that architecture and design were essentially forms of storytelling influenced by literature, theater, and art. As a result, their legacy left a distinct mark on 20th-century American design. Ninety-Eight percent of the artifacts on display from this exhibit are from NYSID’s Archives and Special Collections. As Research Associate, Anne Regan conducted research exclusive to Sarah Tomerlin Lee and her life’s work, utilizing the NYSID Archive.—sarah-tomerlin-lee/intro

Exhibition Credits:

  • Organized by: New York School of Interior Design
  • Curators: Thomas Mellins and Donald Albrecht with Research Associate Anne Regan and Archivist Julie Sandy
  • Exhibition & Graphic Design: Darling Green
  • Sponsored by: Benjamin Moore & Co.

Image Credits:

  • Rob Stephenson